Saturday, December 22, 2007

YouTube - Raymond Crow's Show

YouTube - Raymond Crow's Show

Have a look at this... it's amazing. Connor and I loved it.

Yesterday was a write off. All I did was sleep and read. (Actually, I quite enjoyed myself. I had no idea that I was as tired as I was. It was a real doona day. Mmmmmmmmmm...)

In between the nanna naps and the reading (I got through half of Sara Douglass's 'Pilgrim' yesterday) I also finalised my Flexirent agreement. My advice to you is never never never be stupid enough to go into one of these things. I needed a new computer 3 years ago, and I listened to my brother-in-law who said that Flexirenting was a great idea because it allows you access to the rest of your money while you still get to use the new computer. I was just about to begin huge kitchen renovations, so I thought that what he said made sense. However... I've paid about a thousand dollars more for that computer over the course of 3 years, and when the agreement time runs out you either have to hand the computer back or pay them even more money to keep it. They wanted me to pay $400, but I got them down to $200. Cheaper than buying another new computer, but considering the battery has died so the laptop is now effectively a desk top..... it's still a lot of money. Oh well, you live and learn! Considering that through work I've now got a laptop that I pay $8 a week on, and with the Flexirent one I was paying $117 a month.... I'm so looking forward to that money being freed up. I'll be rich(er)!

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River said...

I got my laptop from a department store that had an 18 month interest free deal going. My old desk top got fried by a virus so I dragged out the department store card I hadn't used in several years and went computer shopping.i pay more than the monthly minimum so now after one year I only have two payments left. and i made sure I had virus protection and firewalls and stuff to keep it safe.