Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blog Bling.

I have a spare few seconds before I race home to begin the horrendous scheduling nightmare that is music lessons/race home and throw food at kids pets and myself/end of year hideous concert at primary school (only two more to go yay!)/race away to get to my 2nd quilting class in time. Sigh. So before this all happens I thought I'd finally pick up this fetching piece of pink blog bling that has been waiting for me at lightening's place.

Kelley began it, and it's basically a 'Love' code between her and her daughters. Stand on your ear and look. You can work it out. (Hint: It's not a picture of a double scoop icecream cone. It's a red beating thing commonly found in people's chests.)

I think I have to tag others. I'm starting to panic about the time, so I'll be brief.

Amanda Jean

All from overseas. I thought this time I'd send the love far across the waves....


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing your heart...

Kim said...

Dear Dancing with Frogs,
Will you please email your email address to me. Would be nice to respond without having to go into comments each time. Blogger 'no reply' has gotten on my last nerves, LOL, we can't have that! Thanks!