Saturday, December 29, 2007

Skinflint Sunday #2.

Here's another Skinflint Sunday tip:
When hosting a dinner party, be creative when it comes to items that you may lack. When looking for a tablecloth to cover your scratched and dented table, then remembering that the kids had wrecked it with the markers they used doing their homework.... don't race out to Spotlight at 4.45 on a Friday and grab the first thing you see. Simply grab a can of furniture polish instead, buff up that baby, lay the cutlery directly on the surface and tell your delightful guests that you've gone for a 'rustic Tuscan' theme.
Yes, the dinner party went beautifully. Thankfully the cheesecake was delectable, and people stayed till late... always a good sign. I have lovely friends.
I spent this morning mowing the front and back lawns in 40 degree heat in preparation for Brennan's 13th birthday party tomorrow. It's actually his birthday today, but the boys are away with their Dad and Viv, so tomorrow is party day.

Happy birthday baby.


Kim said...

Woohoo! A teenager! Happy birthday to Brennan. :)

Good idea for the table redo, but who would even notice when they have their eye on that cheesecake? LOL, the last slice of cheesecake disappeared during the night...terribly sad. :(

You sure do pack a lot of fun into your holiday. Good for you!

Bettina said...

big thumbs up with the table. I've been told by someone in the know that my crappy old table is very "art deco" so I reckon I'll have to pinch your idea! lmao

Happy b/day to your baby!

Oh and Happy New Year!

River said...

Old table-scratched/dented etc.-well polished=antique. Be proud. Anyway, people come to see YOU, not your table.