Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tragedy has struck!!!!

I've been cut off from accessing my blog from work!!!!!!

The school has a new internet provider, and it's labelling my blog as 'porn'.

I'm outraged. The only things having sweet sweet lovin' on my blog are the pumpkins... and even they don't have flowers to have nookie with, so basically my blog is as pure as the driven snow. (Though why anyone would want to drive snow anywhere is beyond me. The northern hemisphere can be quite strange at times...)

It's awful. Bloglines still works, but only in patches. Imagine my torment when I popped on to check out Crazy Mom Quilts and she kept saying "Look at this quilt I made" and "Look at this square" and "that quilt" and there were no photos allowed through!!! I had to come home at lunchtime just to have a look. Obviously this situation is totally unacceptable. If this continues for too long, all the bloggers on staff will be forced to look for alternative employment. Which will put me out no end, as I like working only two minutes from home. Still, it let through Kelley's pictures about her Christmas tree next to the toilet, (I'd be hosing that thing down thoroughly before I put it away into storage for next year!), so it wasn't a complete bust.

(Speaking of bloggers on staff, if you want to read a funny comment on yesterday's post I did, hop down and read it. I laughed myself beyond stitches. I work with some very funny people.)

Well, I'd love to stay and keep chatting, but I've got to go back to work. Hopefully my car park space will still be empty. Otherwise I'll have to park in the street, which will add at least 1 minute extra walking time to my trip home. It's turning into a day filled with the utmost tragedy and woe........................


Kelley said...

Well at first I was thinking it was cause I had been commenting on your blog and my name is synonymous with 'porn' but then it let you look at my blog..... *snigger* silly little filter...

Perhaps in some country 'Dancing with frogs' is some S&M move.

NOW you are ensured of never getting through the filter!


Kim said...

Ohhh! Naughty girl! ROFLOL!!! Perhaps you can email me from's probably all that S_ _ talk going on! Has any of this hot talk inspired your pumpkins to flower! LOL! You can talk to me at

Come visit Stillmeadow Quilting, I have a 'less sensitive' filter when it comes to wholesome pumpkin discussions. Private e-mail is there, too.

How is the sewing machine lesson coming along?

Hope your school doesn't take issue with all of this blogging. ? Your fellow staff seem to have a great sense of humor, from the little I have read and assumed they are sure to set me straight, although that is probably hopeless! I'm far too liberal to think in a straight line!

Talk to you over in the meadow.

M said...

Well, I have to say my Parental Controls system decided your blog was "Adult" this morning. But then it also blocked me from purchasing a romper suit for a baby the other day because it said the page had "dating" references on it (the suit had a picture of baby girls lined up with the word "girlfriends" underneath).

Frogdancer said...

Oh, this is all too hard! I can't censor myself to be even more innocuous than a baby's romper suit. Bloody computers. Like men, really, great when they work well, absolutely useless when they don't.

Kim, I'll email you later. I've got a quilting class to prepare for.