Monday, November 5, 2007

YouTube - Bonds Kaleidoscope Ad

YouTube - Bonds Kaleidoscope Ad

This is a little something to show why we get up and go to school in the morning. How could we not, when we're teaching such twits?

This is one of the clips that the year 12s put together for their end of year assembly. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

And in other news...
I wrote my fingers off yesterday. 12000 words...
That's the overall word count; not the amount I wrote yesterday. If that was the case I'd be drooling and banging my head against the floor. Though I felt like doing that at some points.
I'm so sick of looking at the keyboard. (I'm a two fingered typist.) All the kids except Jordan were at their Dad's, so I knew I could kick it along when the house was quiet. Every now and then he'd want to get onto the computer for irrelevant boy things like Limewire and research for his Science homework, so I also made 6 cakes, knitted a bit more of the afghan (mmm, the afghan. It's as long as my arm now) and had a twenty minute nanna nap. I was planning on sleeping longer but I got an idea for the novel and had to get up and start writing it before I forgot. (I'm a bit over it.... luckily Meg is coming over this morning, and I've got to take Jordan to piano this afternoon. I can have a break.)

We have a long weekend in this house. Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day ( I love living in a city that gives everyone a day off because of a horse race!), and today is a teacher PD day. I must make sure to think of something educational as I drive Jordan to piano.


Scott said...

Let me tell you the story of the tortoise and the hare...
Well done Frogdancer - do you any excerpts on the Nano site? I'm trying to work out how make "buddies" - I know, it's sad...friendless again.

Stuntmother said...

HOLY frackin crap, I'm impressed. Dude, I have got to get up off my lazy white arse and start typing faster.

Well done you! Seriously.

Frogdancer said...

I haven't been back to the site since I signed up. I don't even have a link to it. Do you mean to say there might be friends there??? We have to talk.

Stuntmother, my progress is going to be erratic. I've come to the conclusion that a steady 1700 words a day isn't going to happen. I've got to work around the kids and the job. Yesterday I had a break from it... today I'll do another chunk; hopefully before Jack gets up and wants the computer.

Erin! said...

LOL well done. Why are these things always in November?? Thats the worst month for me with kids comps being the end of october and assignments and exams in the first half of november, I would love to enter one of these writing comp type things but in december when my brain has come back or january when i need something to keep me sane while two kids bounce everywhere around me and I am totally ready to go back to uni but it doesnt start back til march.

Oh and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog Frogdancer, I am just lucky mine is the mild type, I am in awe of ladies like MagnetoBold.

Hehe hoping you enjoyed your day off. I didnt bet this year but my horse came second place (as usual if i dont bet, it will win or place).