Friday, November 30, 2007

My day off.

Ha! Didn't I tell you that I was suspicious of Connor's sudden illness? Turns out I was right. (Thank goodness he wasn't deathly ill, because he did all the housework except for some of the folding.) Turns out that he had a "How to..." project due yesterday, and due to circumstances beyond his control he didn't do it. (I'm guessing the urgent need to beat Brennan on some PlayStation game or other was probably to blame.)

But get this.... he had the whole day off to get it done... Does he? My answer to that (non)rhetorical question is NO. We were lounging around in front of the television after dinner, and he pipes up with an "Oh no. I forgot to do my project."

After a few pithy words from me about the pitfalls of lying about being sick (he confessed) and then the stupidity of not doing the task that you took a sickie to do in the first place, he worked on it till 9.15. He'll be woken up in about 20 minutes to keep going on it. Ah well, it's how we learn. The information on the project will be the least of it.

But guess what??? My big news is that I have the day off!!!! Yay! I went into the boss's office and asked for the Correction Day I didn't take due to interviews to be transferred to Friday. Which is today. Why I still woke up at 5.45 is a mystery, though it might be because last night it was warm, so I left the front door open. Those birds sound like they are using megaphones this morning.

So what are my plans? I'm thinking first up I'll do some knitting. I've nearly finished one of next year's balls of wool on the afghan (mmmm yes, that thing), so I'll finish it. The ball, I mean, not the afghan. There's still 3 more 200g balls to go. I was knitting on it yesterday during Brennan's guitar lesson, and it got too hot to have on my knee. This means that summer is just about here. So I'll finish that ball, and then I might start on something else. Something smaller, so my knees remain cool and ladylike. The package from Bendigo Knitting mills arrived yesterday. I was delighted. I tore apart the packaging to reveal this!

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but these balls of wool are bigger than my head. I was a little disappointed in the colour, as there's a touch more yellow in it than I thought. I was worried it wouldn't suit me, but when I held one up against my face in the mirror it was ok. I looked hideous, but no more than usual, and I've made my peace with that.

But the best thing was the colour charts they included free of charge. (My wool shop charges $17 for one of those, which is why I don't have one.) Connor's already picked out the wool he likes and I can see I'll be making a few more orders. It took 4 days for them to deliver, which is fine by me. Some of the wool shades are lovely. I chose a very plain pattern, as you can probably see. There's a cable detail in the bands and neck, so one of today's jobs is to buy a cable needle. I may have one, but I've only ever tried cabling when I was a wee slip of a girl, so I don't know if one is hiding at the bottom of the box I keep my knitting needles in or not. So maybe over the course of the weekend I might cast on for a new jumper.
But what I'm thinking of doing sometime today is to go and have a look at a quilting shop. I think there's one on Burke road in Malvern, and the yellow pages listed one in Camberwell somewhere. Should I go? I don't know what I'll do in a place like that. (I'm a bit nervous. I'm going to look like a goose as soon as I open my mouth. I'll probably call fabric 'material' and they'll throw me out.) I'm determined to learn how to quilt, so I have to go sometime. I'm a quarter of the way through 'Quilting for Dummies', so I guess that means I'm slightly less stupid than I was a week ago. (I'm not kidding about being nervous. I know next to nothing about sewing. My sister sews for a living, and mum has sewed (sewn? sewered? ooo, maybe not that last one!) ever since I can remember, but I stuck to knitting. The only thing I ever made that I was proud of was a calico doll for year 8 needlework. I embroidered a face on her and everything. But that's a far cry from doing a quilt.)
I've actually got a slight feeling of butterflies. How ridiculous. I can raise four boys on my own, tame a lawn mower and paint a house, teach masses of kids taller than me, take four kids overseas on my own not once but twice; yet I'm scared of going into a place where they'll use words like 'thimble', 'selvage' and 'mercerized'. (I don't know what the last two mean. I pulled them from the back of the 'Quilting for Dummies' book.) I'll let you know if I face my fear or if I chicken out and wait for Mum to come back from Queensland so she can hold my hand while I whimper.
One last thing.
Jordan's piano teacher is finishing her uni course this year, and she's said that she might not be able to teach him next year. She'll be working, and of course she doesn't know what when or where at this stage. Panic stations!! I don't know if the school can fit him in to the piano course next year or not. He'll be doing grade 5. Widget, if you read this before I get a chance to call you, can you ask if Jordan can be fitted in? Otherwise I don't know where we'll go. Why do kids want to do interesting hobbies that enrich their lives? All it does is create panic when their parent least expects it.
Panic notwithstanding, I'm off to enjoy my day off.


widget said...

You get up way too early! (especially for a day off)

Piano - you will need to see Geraldine in the 2nd hand book shop on Monday to get Jordans name put down on a waiting list and then he will be auditioned at the beginning of next year. You might also like to ask parents at the local primary who they learn from and if they are happy etc. The old teacher should also have some connections that you could use.

Enjoy your day of knitting and finding out about quiliting. The quilting shop or which you speak is very near the princes hwy. I think it is on Waverly road corner. Good luck!

Melanie said...

I'm another who is nervous about making a quilt (and I *do* sew a little, but prefer not to call myself 'a sewer'). Patchwork on Central Park? Has an awesome range, but take lots of $$! They have a really good sale once (or twice?) a year which is great. But don't overlook poor old Spotlight, either - there has been some great stuff there if you dig around a bit (at least at my local, but on the other side of town). Much less painful for the purse, too.

Frogdancer said...

Yippee! I've bought stuff. I'll blog about it tomorrow, but I'm excited...
and scared...

River said...

Ever noticed how days off zip by much faster than regular days? I swear they only put 22 hours in them. I also wake up early on days off. It's because the body has formed the habit. Instead of trying to go back to sleep I get up and enjoy the extra reading time over a leisurely breakfast.

Anonymous said...

The quilting place in malvern on Central Park is gorgeous and they are very helpful with fabric choices but they are *awfully* expensive. Nice little coffee shop next door.

There was a quilting shop in Maling Rd, Canterbury but it has disappeared. Sob.


M said...

I love getting parcels of yarn in the mail. And I would absolutely be thrown out of the quilting shop for saying 'material'. And out of the 'yarn shop' for saying 'wool'.

Have fun.

Frogdancer said...

Yarn! Wool!
I'd forgotten about that one.

I think I've been saying wool about the parcel. Actually, it's 100% wool, so I'm safe.
Phew! When I buy the bamboo/cotton knitting stuff, I'll have to watch what I say. Don't want the Craft Police after me.