Monday, November 12, 2007

Crime in our quiet suburbs.

This palm was right near our apartment in Phuket. I liked it because of the square ends on the fronds. I've never seen this before. It looks as if someone has snuck out in the dead of night with pinking shears and done some creative gardening, doesn't it? (Or maybe that's just me who thinks like that....)
Big news last night. My Dad caught a burglar!!! Seriously.
(I mean... seriously... I'm not joking. Not that he caught her without a smile on his face. Though now that I come to think about it, that's probably true as well. )
She broke into the house next door, and was coming out of the front door as the owners arrived home. How lucky was that? The old guy grappled with her, but she fought him off and raced down the street. The guy came running next door to Mum and Dad's place. Dad, being a bit of an impetuous Aries, jumped in his car and went off looking for her while Mum rang the police with a description. Of her, not him.
Dad drove around, couldn't see her, and was on his way home when there she was, trying to hitch a lift. He pulled up, she started to walk over, then a police car pulled up behind him. Dad leaped out, pointed to her and yelled, "She's the one you're looking for!"
She started to protest, but the cop wasn't going to have a bar of it, so away she went in the divvy van. Now Mum and Dad are a bit worried that she'll target their place. The police said that she was so off her face with drugs that she probably wouldn't remember which street she was in, so let's hope that's true. But what a bit of excitement! They came around here to tell us, so I broke out the champagne and we all got tipsy. Just what I needed after all of that spinach chopping.
Now I'm going to take Brennan down to Spotlight for some wool. He's been wanting to learn how to knit for ages, so I'll give him a surprise and let him start. He'll be rapt.


Scott said...

Hi Dances With Frogs,
Good thing you always have that emergency champagne bottle in the fridge! I hope your folks are around if ever someone tries to break into my place. Perhaps they could set up a roving vigilante squad - the grey army!

lightening said...

I'm getting the feelin' there aint nothing all that "simple" about your life after all!!! Too much excitement for that!!! LOL. Glad everyone ended up okay after their ordeal. Hope that's the end of it all.

Frogdancer said...

Thanks for reminding me, Scott. I'll have to pop another bottle of bubbly in there.
You never know when it's going to be needed.