Friday, November 23, 2007

7 Weird Things.

I've been tagged for a meme by Phoebe at
It's a tell 7 weird things about yourself meme, and then I have to link back to the person who tagged me, and then tag 7 others. I hope this link works, because I've never linked by myself before....

Ok. Seven things about me.

1. My pantry has to be organised. Everything is lined up, labels out, and I rotate them so I put the newest things at the back, and the oldest things at the front, so nothing gets stale. I get agitated if the kids mess things up in there.

2. Once I start a book or watch a movie, I HAVE to see it through till the end. I could probably count on one hand the books I've put down and not finished. Maybe it's the gossip in me... I have to know how a story pans out. (Now that I'm getting 'War and Peace' emailed to me each day, I think I'll regret this. The translation is a bit old and clunky and so far I've read a fortnight's worth and the only interesting thing that's happpened is the tale of a policeman who was tied to a bear's back, and then the bear was thrown in the river. I've got over 600 installments to go. The peace part is pretty dull. I'm hoping the war bit is more interesting. Bring on the tragedy!!)

3. When I was a child I was scared of dogs. Mum said I was bitten by one when I was two, and I was petrified of them since then. Mum and Dad weren't too happy about this, so when I was seven they brought home a puppy. I was beside myself with fear for a day, until it dawned on my mighty intellect that this wiggly little pup was no threat.
When I left home I bought a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and fell into breeding and showing. Before I had children and gave up the dog showing, I had up to 20 dogs at some stages, including puppies. Does this mean I have an all or nothing personality??

4. I'm nervous around chickens. They have very sharp pointy beaks that look as if they'd put a nasty hole in your calf if one decided to attack. And anything that can still run around after you after its head is chopped off is obviously a force to be reckoned with. I like their eggs, though.

5. I love certain types of lollies so much that I can't have them in the house. I have absolutely no self control when it comes to lollies. It's like a shark feeding frenzy when there's a packet of Skittles, Wine Gums or Cadbury Caramello. It's not pretty. There's bits of wrapping strewn all over the room, snarling, slurpy gobbling noises and terrified kids backing away, in danger of losing limbs if they creep too close. That's why the only treats I buy for the kids are yucky lollies that I don't like. (But when they go to their Dad's place, I indulge. Sssshhhh. Don't tell them.)

6. I love stationery. A trip to Officeworks is delirious joy for me. All those wonderfully blank noebooks full of possibility. I love a fresh new notebook. Pure delight.

7. I love to breathe in the smell of my youngest child. Connor has a spot on his temples where I can breathe him in. I guess it's the smell of 'baby', and even though he's 11 he's still the youngest. (And always will be.... thank God for the speying I had done when he was born!) It's not kinky or strange, but maybe it is a little bit weird, so it's on the list.

Besides, it's nearly lunchtime, so I want to post this, go and have lunch, and then duck up the road to Brennan's school to pick him up to bring him back to our uniform shop to get him all kitted up for next year. I need to get his shopping done early before all of the second hand things are gone. (With 4 sons to outfit, I'm not proud. It's hand-me-down town at our place.)

I'll come back and tag people later. The bell has just gone.

I'm back!

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I can't link!!!! I'm so embarrassed....
When I learn how to put a proper link in, I'll come back and make this look professional.
If anyone else wants to do this, feel free. It's a little time consuming, because unlike most posts, you have to put some thought into what you put down. But it's interesting, all the same.


River said...

We have quite a bit in common. i LOVE my kitchen cupboards to be organised. (I don't have a pantry). Everything has its place and I often get in there and sort stuff just because I enjoy it. Ditto all my other cupboards and drawers, except my wardrobe where I often hide stuff that I don't know quite what to do with, and the christmas presents hide in there too.
Mmmm, lollies - snakes, milk bottles, chico babies, clinkers.
Don't get me started on Officeworks. I LOVE the place. All that lovely NEW stationery. I live across the road from one. It's soooo hard not to spend a couple of hours every day just wandering around in there.

lightening said...

Links are easy once you get used to doing them. When you're writing a post, you should find a little link icon along the top of the box. I go into HTML page (rather than "compose") then click link (a little pop up box should appear). You can type the URL or just copy and paste it if you have their blog open. When the link appears in your actual page you're writing, there should be a part toward the end of the link that looks like this >< . If you type what you'd like to appear on the page between those 2 little arrows (or whatever they're called? Less than and greater than signs? lol) that is what should show up on your page. So type in the bloggers name or name of their blog or whatever. Anyway, if you then switch to "compose" mode (top right hand side of the box you're typing the post in) you should be able to see if the link has worked.

Is that clear as mud? Honestly, if I can figure out how to do this (with lots of stuff ups and explanations from numerous people along the way), I'm sure you can too. :-)

Frogdancer said...

River, we could be twins.

Lightening, you're wonderful. I'll play around with this over the weekend and see if I can do it. Links, here I come...

Suse said...

I was just thinking tonight that it was time to reinstate the Friday Night Meme thing and look. The universe provided.

Will attend to it asasp.

maybaby said...

My mom had wanted a Cavalier for years and years. Finally I convinced my dad to buy a puppy for her about three years ago.

He was skeptical and shocked at the price tag.

Now Deuce is the benevolent despot of the house. He's the sweetest thing and my mom's best friend.

Scott said...

"I am Ines Suarez, a townswoman of the loyal city of Santiago de Vueva Extremadura in the Kingdom of Chile, writing in the year of our Lord 1580."

There you go Frogdancer, you have now started reading "Ines: Of My Soul" by Isabel Allende. Guess you'll have to finish it now - I'll drop off a copy to your office next week.

Kelley said...

I'm loving Scott. That totally cracked me up, and NOW I have to read the freaking book cause I am just like you!

Thanks for the tag, you just reminded me that Misc Mum tagged me for this aaaaages ago, so I should put some time into it. However not tonight. Gotta earn myself a new coffee machine! *snigger*

Frogdancer said...


I will never willingly read another Allende. That woman drives me nuts. (I've finished two of her books.... reading with gritted teeth). You know this, and I'm outraged at the deliberate provocation. This demands a reciprical lending of all of my Billy Collins poetry books. You say that he's not a real poet.... "phooey!" I say. He's fouteen and a half times the writer that Allende is.

Phoebe J. Southwood said...

Well done on the linking!

I really related to the cupboard, the movies, certain evil candies, and chicken nerves.

Thanks for doing this! It's fun to read them.

Anonymous said...

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