Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sooky la-la list.

Here's Molly when she got her new bandana collar. Sadly, Murphy ripped off the scarf part when he stayed... he's such a pup still. She's got a lot more coat now; I haven't bred or shown Cavaliers in fifteen years, but it still bugs me when my dogs are lacking in any 'show-y' area. She's got too much black on her body, and she's got ticking on her neck ruff. How awful. But she's the gentlest, sweetest thing in the world, and she loves us totally, which is what cavaliers do best.

Actually, it's unusual for us to have just one dog. (When I was breeding them, sometimes I'd have up to 20, including puppies. That was before I started breeding my own species.) Sometime after we get back from the holiday we're going to have to get a puppy. I think that dogs are happiest when they've got a mate to hang around with during the day. Molly and Murphy are always rapt when holidays come and they get to live with each other for a while. They snore as a duet, which is always charming, except when the tv gets drowned out and you have to wake them up. Selfishly though, I've enjoyed just having Molly. She's absolutely no trouble, knows the ropes and I have one area in my life that I don't have to juggle. She simply fits in, whereas a puppy will be work-- at least for a while. Sigh.

Our bags are pretty well packed, some of the cooking has been done, (no baking though... I'll do that today) and by tonight we'll be at the airport. Molly is wandering around, running towards the laundry whenever I look at her. The cats are still in there. I threw them their chicken necks and then slammed the door, (actually, that sounds more dramatic than it was. I gave them their chicken necks on saucers, as always, and then gently closed the door on them. You'd think I slammed it in their faces by the shocked looks they gave me, though!) I want to drop them off at the vets early, and if the kids forget and let them out they'll probably disappear for most of the day. They saw Jack bring in the pet crate from the garage last night, and that always means that they're off to live in the cat room for a while!

This holiday..... here's a list of scary things that might happen.....
  • I don't have transfers from the airport organised. What if there's trouble getting us to the Marriott, and we have to live at the airport for a week like Tom Hanks did? Maybe we could walk. Phuket's an island... how big can it be?
  • What if the elephant we're riding suddenly runs amok and squashes one of the boys?
  • What if there's nothing I want to buy? Or worse, nothing the boys want to buy?
  • Wouldn't it be awful if the boys find what they're getting for Christmas? I bought a padlock to put on the bag, but I won't rest until we're home and the presents are stashed away safely.
  • What if I get home and my vegie garden has shrivelled into nothingness?
  • What if we somehow drink the water and spend all week writhing in agony, unable to stray more than three feet from a loo? We could do this at home... could've saved myself 6K on airfares....
  • What if someone drags Jack and Jordan off the street and into a strip club? This happened to a kid in Jack's class. The boys are tall now.... I know they're male, with everything that entails, but I'd prefer that some doors remain closed for them for a little while longer.....
  • What if my skull gets sunburned? Thommo at work told me to rub sunblock through my stubble. He says that's what he does. It'd be ironic if I initially shaved my head to raise $$ for cancer research, and end up dying of it myself.
  • Maybe Phuket is boring, and Bali is the best trip ever, so this'll be an anticlimax. I've only ever been to Bali, when I was 19 at uni, and last year. Perhaps people are lying about how much fun it'll be.
  • What if we get seasick going to Phi Phi island? (Is that how it's spelled?) We'll be there all day, throwing up and wishing for death...
  • What if I don't have enough spending money? Maybe there'll be too many good things to buy.
  • What if I come home with fewer kids than when I left? I'm reasonably fond of all of them. I don't want to spend the rest of my life missing someone. No tsunamis, mad terrorists or runaway donkeys please.
  • And the scariest one of all... what if I run out of books to read? (That's a fear I have every day, not just for when I'm overseas.)

There. I think that about covers it. This list is written with the hope that if I write them down, then Murphy's law will dictate that they won't happen. Unless I've jinxed it by writing this paragraph down...

See you when we get back!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you advised your new blog name on SS as this is how I found you! Loved reading through your site - you are very humorous and I think you would be a great teacher to have! I love your CKC dog! I wanted one but couldn't quite afford a 'whole' one - had to get a mixture Cavalier crossed with a maltese and he is so gorgeous, but I still really love the Cavies! Hope you have a lovely lovely holiday! Madly Saving

lightening said...

Hey Lisa,
I've nominated you for a "you make me smile" award.

You can find it here (only I don't know how to make this into a proper link):

You can nominate other bloggers if you want or you can simply save the picture (right click with your mouse) and add it to your blog. Let me know if you need any help. :-)

Precious_1 said...

Bandana's are the best thing for preventing sunburn on a shaved head.

Hope you've had a lovely time