Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One more sleep...

Daphne in the garden with me. I've never known an animal to enjoy smelling the garden so much. It's nice when I'm pottering around, weeding or watering. The girls seem to magically appear and just hang around near me. Companionable.

I saw this great saying, supposed to be from a comedian on 'Parkinson'. I thought I'd post it, because it puts a terrific spin on the old saying. Here 'tis:

"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. You may find that you like it, and then you can do it again tomorrow."

Today is baking and cooking day. I have a heap of fruit, onions and salad stuff to use up, so I'll be making lots of soups and stews to freeze. I want to have the first week of term's biscuits and cakes ready to go, because something tells me that I won't feel like spending my first day back chained to the oven. So I think I'll make cornflake cookies and some chocolate chip ones, and 4 or 5 cakes. That should keep body and soul together for the boys.

I was going to go to Aldi and stock up before we leave, but now I think I'll wait until the first weekend of term. I haven't been for nearly 3 months, and my stocks of flour, margarine and pasta are getting low. So we'll just eat out of the pantry, and the boys and I will take 2 trolleys and do the HUGE Aldi shop in a couple of weeks. I love having a big pantry and freezer to be able to do a main shopping trip every 3 months instead of every 3 days. The more I stay out of the supermarket the happier my wallet gets.

Young Molly needs a bath before she goes to my parents' place tomorrow, and the boys are getting haircuts this afternoon after lunch with their Dad. I'll probably get one of them to run the clippers over my head as well, just to look neat. A number 4, so it still has a little length. (Just not much.) Suitcases are coming out today, and the packing begins!! Whoopee!

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lightening said...

Hmmmm....who's going to make me smile you're gone? :-) Actually we'll be away most of the holidays too (on and off). Nowhere near as exciting as yours though. Hope you have a GREAT time!!!!