Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pottering around.

A busy day yesterday. Nothing was accomplished that was earth-shatteringly huge, but I kept moving all day and got a lot done, particularly in the garden. Weeded the vegie patches, then fertilised them. I've decided that Saturday is going to be 'Fertilise Day'. At the moment I've only got green leafy things in, so I wandered around with a bucket of water, some Thrive and a cup. It took about 20 minutes, but its nice and quiet, and I can really see if anything needs doing. (That's when the weeding thing happened!)

Mum and Dad are coming back from Bali today, so yesterday I gave Murphy (and Molly) a bath so he can look beautiful and smell deodorised and homogenised when he goes home. The picture is him enjoying the sunny spot by the back door. He's such a funny boy. He is Molly's half-brother. She's so quiet and he's so gregarious. For the last couple of days every time I see him he's had a toy in his mouth. It's fantastic. I'm not a soft toy person, and as the boys slowly outgrow their affection for the toys, Murphy does his bit by taking them out to the backyard where they're never seen again..............................

It was Jordan's birthday as well. I gave him a bathrobe, (yes, I know it doesn't sound exciting, but he loved it), and we just had a quiet day at home. He's going to Chadstone with a couple of mates today.... the whole teenage social life thing has started. Connor's birthday is tomorrow... I have no idea what to get him. A gift certificate for a present from Phukhet might be the answer??? Bit boring on your actual birthday, though.....

One of today's jobs is to make an obscenely large batch of cookies, for a couple of reasons. I promised both the birthday kids that they could take enough for their classes. It's funny, but we're all told by advertising that kids prefer bought packaged stuff in their lunchboxes. It's just not true. Brennan says that his friends say that I should open a biscuit shop because his playlunches are so yummy, and Jordan says that every recess he has to take to his heels to be able to eat the biscuits without everyone circling him asking for a bite or trying to pinch them.
Jack is doing Business Studies this semester, and one of their tasks is to have a business venture, where they have a stall and sell things to the year 7s on the last day of term. He's going to sell the biscuits. Today we're going down to the supermarket for him to buy his materials (it all has to be costed out just like a regular business), then we'll go into production and freeze them until Friday. I'm really pleased that he's chosen to do this. His original idea was to sell fish and chips, but when I asked how he was going to keep them warm, and suggested that maybe the biscuit route was the way to go, he took my suggestion. For those of you who know Jack.... you'll know that this is (almost) unprecedented, at least without an argument. He must like the taste of the biccies too!

For the last two nights we've been playing board games. Connor loves them, and both nights he appeared clutching Monopoly with a pleading look in his eye. No-one else could face the thought of a three hour commitment, so Friday night we played Trouble, (my all time favourite board game) and last night we played Upwords. We had so much fun. Jack and Jordan played with us both nights, while Brennan stayed in the back room battling for a high score on some playstation game or other. I have to state that my kids are complete idiots. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. They're such good company, and they've got a quick wit that keeps the conversation scudding along.

There is trouble on the horizon though.....
When I booked our holiday for Phuket, the thought of the AFL Grand Final didn't enter my head. Why would it? It's just footie, and Carlton were never going to make it anyway. But now, after last night's game.... Jack's team (Port Adelaide) and Brennan's team (Kangaroos) play next week for a spot in the Grand Final. And whoever wins will be playing for the ultimate prize the following week..... while we're out of the country. Oops.

(The funny thing is that last year when we went to Bali we left while the Commonwealth games were on. Jack was disgusted. Now he's beginning to think I'm doing this on purpose!)

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