Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Connor and the camera.

Isn't it fantastic how much fun kids can have with a camera?

Connor is a bit of a dag, and he loves wandering around with a camera and taking stills or videos. These are a couple of 'self portraits'. (I couldn't be more proud.....) He and Jordan love to make us laugh, and these shots did it!

He's the only one of the four who has his own folder full of photos on the computer. Something about the camera just appeals to him. That's the really interesting thing about having a large family... seeing how all the kids peel off and discover their own interests and passions. It's fascinating. They're all from the same genetic stock, brought up in the same house, the same schools, etc, and yet they're all so different.

Life is many things here, but it's rarely boring.

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lightening said...

LOL. They look great. Thanks for giving me a smile to start my day! :-)