Friday, September 21, 2007

Peppermint tea in bed.

This will only be a short post this morning, as the day is already starting to slip away from under me. Jack has his business venture today at lunchtime, and I'm feeling anxious. It was my idea that he sell home-baked biscuits/cookies, and if he doesn't make any money, then I'm going to feel horribly guilty. I was awake for an hour last night worrying about it. Stupid, I know. He has made well over 200 M&M filled, chocolate buddy topped biscuits, and they're absolutely delicious, and they look fantastic. I'll post some pictures when I get home, hopefully with good news.

The picture is one I took last night of my bedside table. It sounds really twee and sentimental to say that it's a picture of love, but that's what it is. Just a little thing, but sometimes the little things speak loudest. Nearly every night 11 year old Connor makes me a peppermint tea and a glass of water and leaves it by my bed. Last night I was racing around helping Jack make some more biscuits, and by the time I got to bed the tea was cold. I had no idea he'd done it, because he went to bed earlier than he usually does. Thank goodness for microwaves. And now it's immortalised!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, that is so lovely of your son to be so thoughtful and make you tea every night - what a sweetie! Love your blog and the photos of Daphne & Maris and Molly and Murphy. I have a Cavalier too, a Blenheim, called Leroy. I so know what you mean about them being the biggest wusses in the dog world. Our next door neighbour's cat even chases Leroy around in our backyard.

Enjoy your holiday to Thailand and would love to see some photos when you get back

Cheers, Briget (SSaver)

Kez said...

Hi Lisa,

I found your blog via Lightening's blog :)

That is soo sweet of your son to do that - I hope mine's as sweet when he grows up!