Monday, September 24, 2007

Musing on blogs.

Here's a photo of Brennan in Bali last year. This was taken in a rice paddy when we were doing our bike ride. It poured for most of the day, but it was so warm that it turned out being really pleasant. Roll on Phuket! Only three more sleeps.

I'm going to change the name of this blog. I chose 'Smiling in the Suburbs' because I'm genuinely happy, and I wanted to get started on writing, and this was the best I could come up with at the time. But it's not a good sign when you're embarrassed to tell people the name of your blog...
It sounds really twee and old-ladyish, which would be fine if I was that sort of person, but I'm not. So I'm letting my subconscious twitter away with new names. Nothing's grabbed me yet, but it will eventually.

Another thing about starting a blog.... I was talking with my friend Scott at work, and he mentioned that he used to have a blog, but it got to be too much like hard work and so he deleted it. As a joke I said, "Did it make you realise your life was really boring?"
We laughed, but it got me to wondering....
what happens if your blog bores even yourself????

That hasn't happened to me yet, but how sad if it ever does. (It'd be kind of funny though; imagine the moment of realisation. The stunned look in the eye as you realise why people have been avoiding you for years. It wasn't your personal hygiene-it was YOU!!!!)

Let's hope everyone who reads this avoids this fate. :)


lightening said...

Well I laughed twice during that post so you're definitely not boring yet! I suspect that you'll never have that trouble. :-)

When I don't have inspiration for my blog - I post a photo of something. I tend to have a couple up my sleeve most of the time ready to slot in when I need a blog post.

I do think blogging probably is more suited to some people than others though. I always seem to have something to say. LOL. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. :-)


P.S. I don't think "old lady" when I see your blog heading. But you do need something you're comfortable with. I've wondered if I should change mine as people enjoy pointing out to me the spelling mistake in my title. I had to add an explanation down the bottom so that people knew that I knew it was spelt wrong. But being a perfectionist, now that I see it, it annoys me.

Kez said...

lol - well your blog doesn't bore me! I often think that about mine too, but then when I realise how much I enjoy reading even the mundane stuff about other people's lives, someone (hopefully!) enjoys reading mine!