Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Life's little secrets.

To the left is a picture of my poor parched front yard. In more normal times it has flowers and colour, but now that we're only allowed to water two mornings a week, I've elected to mainly water the vegie patch and to make the front yard an example of Darwinian struggle.

But there's a reason why I love having my own place in this picture. It's not huge or profound, but it's a little secret surprise that pops up every year from the original garden that was here long before I moved in with my newfangled ideas about wide, sweeping garden beds. If you look closely you can just see it.... It's hard to do from this angle (from the driveway). From my bedroom window it's framed beautifully, just for me.

One lone gladdie. Very Dame Edna, I know, but it's a splat of colour in an otherwise silver-green world.

And my window is the only one that sees it.

I love how life has little rewards like this. It makes it worthwhile paying the mortgage!

In other news, I finally found out who started Shoestring Sunday. Those of you who have been reading for a while will know that I sometimes do Skinflint Sunday, which was an idea (ramped up a bit) taken from a blog. Someone else's blog. I read the Shoestring Sunday thing, thought "What a good idea" and moved on. But the idea stayed with me. (But I had to call it Skinflint on my blog. Shoestring is too polite a term for my frugality kick.) But I committed the cardinal sin of forgetting who had the brilliant idea to start with. Well tonight the lovely Lis left a comment letting me know that it was she who has shoestring tendencies. I'm so glad to be able to give credit where it's due. (Lord knows it's too good an idea for me to come up with on my own.)


Lis said...

I too have a mystery gladi that comes up every year in among the wall of ivy on my side fence! Mind tends to bloom early spring though. I'm loving reading your blog and you have such a great sense of humour. Thanks for crediting me and I hope we can continue to Link to each other on our frugal Sundays :)

Anonymous said...

I am always forgetting blogstuff, like who has tagged me for something, or where I can find something else.

I also have a sad, sick, dry front garden. One of the reasons I moved to Melbourne was because it was supposedly cooler than Sydney. Genius, hey?


M said...

Having left green Melbourne four years ago it is hard for me to come to terms with it being in drought to the extent that it is.

It is lovely to have one's own patch of dirt to play in. Well worth the mortgage, I agree.

River said...

My garden is also looking more brown than green. Over here in Adelaide we are only allowed to water once a week. Maybe a move to Tasmania might be in order? I'm told it's cooler there so things are a bit greener.

MP said...

What a beautiful sight..I would love to look out my window to that..WOW...

Kim said...

How lovely! When I bought my house, it was March. In May, my lone rose bush bloomed a gorgeous yellow rose, but just one, and just once. Last year it bloomed pink. I want to take it out but I'm also curious to see what color it will be this year.