Thursday, January 3, 2008

Books read in 2007.

In the interests of cleaning up the blog and not having a constipated side panel on the blog, I've put my lists of books here.
I read a lot of books in January about investing, prior to me buying some shares and taking a bit more control of my future life. Taking 10 years off work to raids kids and withdrawing my pre-kids super to pay off a block of land that my ex and I subsequently sold at a 30K loss has left my super in a ridiculous position. So I researched. What exciting holidays I had last year....
Other books show the new interests I took up after blogging. (Quilting and Jane's book on Domesticity.)
The rest are novels of course. Got to feed that addiction.
Sorry that this is a boring post, but I've been finishing off Sara's book and Brennan's quilt. God I love holidays.... Plus I figure that every year I can simple add the boring book list to this post with a link, and I won't inflict this on anyone other than the intelligent, highly personable and good looking people who love books.
I sort of promised mp I'd tell about the hows and whys of my beeyootiful hair, but the day has gotten away from me. I'll post tomorrow.
I've added * next to the books that are damned good reads.
# if these are non fiction but still interesting and worthwhile.
Again, apologies for the boringness, but I'm a Virgo and I don't like clutter...

Books read in 2007.

The Wounded Hawk - Douglass *
The Nameless Day - Douglass *
Crusader - Douglass
Sinner - Douglass
Rich Woman - Kiyosaki
Nice Girls Don't Get Rich - Frankel #
Starman - Douglass
Quilting for Dummies - Fall #
The Encyclopedia of Quilting and Patchwork Techniques - Guerrier
The Gentle Art of Domesticity - Brocket #
Enchanter - Douglass
Love and Other Infidelities - Townsend
Delicious - Pelligrino
Circle of Flight - Marsden *
The Boleyn Inheritence - Gregory ** (Ok.. I loved this...)
Your kids' money: How to earn it, save it, and set them up for life- Bell #
Your money: Starting out and starting over - Bell #
Shopping for Shares - Edwards ###########
Time and Chance - Penman *
Rage - Bachman
The long walk - Bachman *******
Cell - King
The time traveller's wife - Niffenegger ********************************* (My favourite book of all time)
The barefoot investor - Pape #
Top Stocks 2007 - Roth #
Eleven Hours - Simons
Prey - Crichton
These Happy Golden Years - Ingalls Wilder ***************** perenial favourite
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Rowling *******************************
Battleaxe - Douglass
The Spirit Stone - Kerr **********************************
The Gold Falcon - Kerr ************************
Gerald's Game - King
Sandworms of Dune - Herbert & Anderson *
The catcher in the rye - Salinger
The torment of others - McDermid *
Rich Dad's guide to becoming rich - Kiyosaki
Trading Secrets - Bedford
How I made $2,000,000 in the stock market - Darvas
What is value investing? - Cunningham
Your mortgage and how to pay it off in five years - Bell ########
The successful investor - O'Neil
Hamlet - Shakespeare
The Andromeda strain - Crichton
The tenth circle - Picoult
Vanishing Acts - Picoult
A short history of nearly everything - Bryson ###################
Oryx and Crake - Atwood
Artemis Fowl and the lost colony - Colfer *
State of fear - Crichton
The ship of brides - Moyes
The Devil that danced on the water - Forna ******** (Sierra Leone... oh my God. I never knew...)
The Kite Runner - Hosseini ************ (Same as above; just substitute Afghanistan)


monica said...

wow, some great books here!

Hope the new year will be even fuller of them...

MP said...

LOVE to read..LOVE LOVE LOVE..I'm reading The Pillars of the Earth right now.. I am SO in love w/ this book...
I'll have to check out your list in detail..I've read some of them..alot of them..

Tracey Edwards said...

Glad to see my book is there and got some ### love!

Tracey Edwards - Shopping for Shares

Frogdancer said...

I was so excited to get your comment. I literally jumped up and down and did a happy dance in the middle of the lounge room. The boys thought I was mad, of course, until I explained. They know who you are (because in my house it's 'monkey see, monkey do' and we all have share portfolios.)

Just wanted to let you know, if you ever pop back, that your book is well written, easy to digest and is a fantastic quick resource if I need to quickly check something. I absolutely love it to bits and have recommended it to heaps of people. In fact, on my new blog site I'll be doing the same thing today!